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You state there will be 30 permanent job's following the development. These job's will require a very specialist skill set, do we have these skills currently available in the local population?

The work force for this project will where possible be taken from local sources.  The main exception being that where certain plant and equipment is not available locally, or indeed in Britain this will have to be sourced from offshore.  This will mainly be from European based companies.

The proportion of non-British work force is a function of the location of the sources of the main equipment supply chain, and the time during the construction phase this is measured.  For example during the first 12 to 18 months, the civil engineering works are carried out, this is predominantly a British work force as the Civil Engineering sub-contractor will be a British company.  This then during the mechanical and process equipment erection, as we import specialist plant and materials from abroad (for example the Moving Grate, Hopper, Boiler, parts of the Flu Gas Cleaning systems etc) and the those suppliers bring their own specialist erection and commissioning teams to team to site.  Typically during this time the numbers of staff on site increase, and the ratio of British to non-British work force rises to approximately 60/40 respectively.

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