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The Energy Recovery Process

Buttington Energy Recovery facility has been designed to process up to 167,000 tonnes per year of waste. Non-recyclable waste will be processed, and the carbon dioxide produced will be cleaned and neutralised before release.

Once recyclable and compositable materials are removed, the Energy Recovery Facility will use the residual waste (which otherwise would go to landfill) as a resource to recover energy.

The Energy Recovery Facility will process the residual waste and generate energy in the form of steam. The steam would then drive a turbine which would generate electricity which will be exported to the National Grid.

The management of the Energy Recovery Facility is controlled by strict regulations. These restrictions are in place to ensure emissions released from the stack are tightly monitored. Broad Energy and Hitachi Zosen Inova will work within these limits, and monitoring will be ongoing 24 hours a day.


The Energy Recovery Process