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Developments of National Significance

Because of its energy generating capacity, the Buttington Energy Recovery Facility application is considered a Development of National Significance.

Developments of National Significance are determined by Welsh Ministers. The Planning Inspectorate will produce a report following the application, which will set out their conclusions and recommend whether to grant the planning application. The final decision lies with the relevant Welsh Minister as to whether to grant permission.

The pre-application consultation is a statutory requirement of all developers, and this is the current stage of the Buttington Energy Recovery Facility proposal. The Planning Inspectorate has accepted that the proposal is a Development of National Significance.

The Energy Recovery Facility will require an Environmental Permit issued by the regulator in order to operate and this will be strictly regulated by Natural Resources Wales under the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulations 2016, Industrial Emissions Directive, and Best Available Techniques Reference Document.

Developments of National Significance