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At this stage, we are introducing our vision for the scheme as part of the statutory pre - application process based on guidance from the Planning Inspectorate.

Following this consultation, we will take into consideration all the feedback received through this process to enable us to develop our submission. A Consultation Report will then be prepared, which will set-out the next steps and respond to the feedback received from consultees.

We are consulting at a time when the need to protect everyone’s health means mass consultation events are not possible. So, we are asking for your views in ways which may be different to other consultations you may have attended.

We have given careful thought and consideration to ensure that everyone from all ages and backgrounds in the surrounding community are given the opportunity to respond to us consultation. 

We are consulting on our proposals between 14 September 2020 and 26 October 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: The closing date for registering for the planned drop-in session is Monday 5 October at 9.00am. Please let us know if you are interested before this date.

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