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Do you plan to remove recyclable C and I waste when it arrives in Buttington. How will this work in practice and how will you dispose of it?

The ERF is not looking to receive recyclable commercial and industrial waste.  Any recyclable commercial and industrial waste would be removed at materials recycling facilities (“MRFs”).  It is the residual waste from these types of facilities that the ERF would process.
a. how many local people you expect to employ during the construction phase?
We would like to employ as many people as possible from the local area.
b. your planning assumptions about where you intend to source the 309 construction workers required during the building of the plant, the vast majority of whom will not be from Powys?
It is anticipated that a local jobs fayre will be held with a view to recruiting, where possible, members of the locality.  However, as is the same with any industry, if resource is not available, or not available to be upskilled, then jobs would have to be advertised further afield.  It is hoped that such staff would settle in the area, thus contributing to the local economy.

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