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The site was advocated on the basis that it was adjacent to the railway to avoid road haulage from non-local sources, how much waste is arriving by rail?

As part of our transport studies, we have carried out an evaluation of the possible use of the rail network for transporting material in and out of the site in Buttington, unfortunately as material is not arising from one central location we would require to put in place a number of bulking up stations which is not a viable solution.

As part of this process we engaged directly with National Rail to look at the possibility of building a rail siding to support the movement of material to the site, unfortunately the outline proposals received by Network Rail meant that this solution was both commercially and operationally unviable.

As a result our studies have concluded in us discounting the possibility of using the national rail network for the movement of material in and out of the proposed facility in Buttington.

The Broad Group are currently working with a number of transport companies who are using cleaner alternative fuels as a replacement to traditional diesel to transport waste material, it is intended that these will be used in the short term whilst keeping a close eye on developing electric and hydrogen technologies. Once these become commercially available there is potential for these to be used to transport all material in and out of the proposed facility. 

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