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Will you be burning materials that produce toxic gases if not how do you ensure none are burnt?

To ensure there are no harmful releases to atmosphere there are flue gas cleaning arrangements at Installation. These incorporate systems to remove NOx, acid gases, particulate material, volatile metals and organic micropollutants.

An selective non-catalytic reduction (“SNCR”) system has been included in the design to minimise oxides of nitrogen (“NOx”) emissions from the combustion process.  In the SNCR process, the ammonia is injected into the first boiler pass which reduces NOx emissions by chemically reducing the NOx to nitrogen and water.

After heat recovery, the flue gas passes through the flue gas treatment (“FGT”) plant.  The flue gas treatment uses hydrated lime to reduce the concentrations of acid gases (hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and sulphur dioxide) in the flue gas stream.  Powdered activated carbon is used as an adsorbent to remove volatile metals and organic micropollutants, in particular dioxins and furans.  A bag filter is used to remove particulate matter.

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