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Can you confirm monitoring arrangements for all gases in the stack, whether there are double knock gas sensors (i.e. two working independently should one fail) and shutdown procedures?

Duplicate continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) systems will be installed.  This will ensure that, in the event of a failure in the duty system, continuous monitoring of emissions to air will continue using the stand-by system.

All CEM systems that will be installed at the Installation to monitor emissions to air from the discharge stack will be certified under the EA’s MCERTS scheme for the appropriate measurement ranges and will meet the requirements of the quality assurance standard BS EN 14181:2004 Stationary source emissions - Quality assurance of automated measuring systems.

The CEM systems will be provided with an uninterruptable power supply (“UPS”) so that they will be able to continue monitoring the emissions to air from the discharge stack in the event of a power interruption to the plant.

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