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Discharging waste vehicles is not a clean process. How will you manage vermin, especially scavenging birds as some delivery vehicles, even trailures, will by their very nature suffer spillage?

After weighing, authorised vehicles will be directed to one of the tipping bays in the Waste Reception Building by means of an electronic traffic light and barrier traffic management control system; each tipping bay is accessed by means of a fast action roller-shutter door which will be operated automatically on the approach of a vehicle.  The roller-shutter door will close after the vehicle enters the tipping bay to ensure that all waste handling activities are undertaken within the confines of the building.

Following tipping of its waste, the tipping exit bay door will be opened and the vehicle will exit the site via the Out-Weighbridge, which is also fully automated and linked to the ANPR and site CCTV systems; this weighbridge will also be controlled via a traffic light and barrier system.

The following mitigation measures will be implemented to reduce the risk of odour or vermin and scavengers arising from the Installation’s activities:

·  all waste transfer, including loading and unloading will take place within the confines of the building;

·  the reception of waste from delivery vehicles will take place through automatic fast-acting doors;

·  once the waste materials are inside the building, all off-loading will take place within the building;

the Installation will be equipped with a sophisticated atmosphere control system - air collected by the atmosphere control system will be used as combustion air in the combustion plant chamber;

·  all elements of the atmosphere control system will be incorporated into the Installation’s planned preventative maintenance (“PPM”) system;

·  housekeeping, both externally and internally, will be of a high standard; the PPM system at the Installation will incorporate procedures for housekeeping, supported by the production of housekeeping schedules; and

·  daily visual and olfactory assessments will be undertaken at the Installation.

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