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What lighting is being proposed and how will this affect neighbouring properties? Particularly as an environmental survey at Cefn Farm identified a number of bats in the area, and downlighting was the only form of external lighting permitted?

The external lighting strategy may be found on Drawing 4052-ID-DR-1002 in Technical Appendix 4-2, together with the lighting calculations and risk assessment.

In summary:

  • Lighting levels for each area have been designed in accordance with BSEN 12464-2 for outdoor work places;
  • Additional localised lighting will be required for ladders and platforms;
  • Lighting has been designed to be in keeping with a site in a rural location;
  • luminaires have been selected to minimise the impact on bats;
  • Mounting heights have been selected to minimise lighting impacts;
  • External backlight shields have been provided where required to minimise back spill;
  • External lighting will operate all night with the exception of the ERF access road and firewater storage areas; and
  • All external lighting will have primary photocell control to ensure it is not operational during daylight hours.

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