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Impacts to population and human health have been assessed in detail within specific Environmental Statement Chapters of the ES insofar as they are relevant to specific topics.  The population and human health impact conclusions and mitigation contained within each assessment (Key Environmental Aspect) chapter are reproduced in Section 15.10 of Chapter 15 of the ES. Assessments undertaken within each Key Environmental Aspect chapter all conclude that no significant environmental effects to population or human health will arise from the Development.

In addition, the Heath Impact Assessment (Chapter 15 – Technical Appendix 15-1) cross references these topics and aims to assess impacts to human health from a wider perspective.   In conclusion, in the short term, there are potential dust, noise and additional vehicle movements associated with the construction phase. However, mitigation measures and recommendations can be implemented to ensure that population health impacts are addressed and controlled and no significant effects arise. 

The Health Impact Assessment has also identified there are potential positive health impacts which can be achieved in the long term, such as employment, educational and training opportunities. More local jobs would help improve living conditions, housing and ultimately health and well-being. Further meaningful engagement from the local communities may generate additional positive health benefits through community support projects and other requested support from the development, if achievable.

In all cases, the health impacts have been assessed in respect of vulnerable groups and the recommendations suggested contribute to achieving equity and reducing inequalities.

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