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Questions during consultation

How will the energy produced on-site be connected to the National Grid? What will be used to transfer it, and how is it safe?

What source of fuel will you use to initiate and maintain the burn and where will the supply of this fuel enter the site (other than self generated electricity) as; for example, gas pipelines can be extremely damaging to our country side if this were to be the fuel used?

Where do you intend to link up with the National Grid and what is the proposed line of the cables and pylons?

Please be more specific about the expected Vehicle Movements, including both H.G.V's and Commercial Light Goods Vehicles, delivering smaller quantities of Commercial and Industrial waste in a typical week?

Discharging waste vehicles is not a clean process. How will you manage vermin, especially scavenging birds as some delivery vehicles, even trailures, will by their very nature suffer spillage?

Will any air and soil particulate monitoring in the immediate and surrounding areas be undertaken?

Can you confirm monitoring arrangements for all gases in the stack, whether there are double knock gas sensors (i.e. two working independently should one fail) and shutdown procedures?

Is stack monitoring shared in real time online with Natural Resources Wales?

Is it true that the plant will be built and operated by Hitachi?

Will all staff working at the plant be local or will there be a blend of specialist staff and local staff? If so, please outline numbers and proportions?

Is the plant a 24-hour operation?

Will lorries be arriving at the plant both day and night during the 24-hour period?

What is the number of projected lorries arriving at the plant on a daily basis?

Please identify the local lorry road routes being used

What will be the weight of the lorries?

What type of lorries will be used? E.g. rigid bodied or articulated

At present the entrance is to the south-west. I can see no other reference to a new entrance. If there is to be a new entrance, exactly where will it join the A458? Please clarify this.

How can you ensure that household, residual, commercial and industrial waste delivered in bulk to your facility does not contain dangerous and hazardous material when you show no inspection, testing or identification processes for incoming waste?

In the Ecology section, you state that approx. 2 hectares of new habitat will be provided including wildlife ponds and new native woodland planting. Yet the area marked 08 on the map looks very small. Does the area of ponds and new planting stretch north-east and north-west where it is shown green on the map?

Of the 300 jobs that are expected to be generated during the construction

How will this proposed project contribute to Welsh Governments ambition to reduce greenhouse gases, and to what measurable conclusions?

With a Welshpool postcode of SY21 7RG, will we be affected by smells of waste not processed, or via the operation itsself?

How many working days of 7 will the plant be operated?

How many working days of 7 will the 4 planned HGV per hour be operating?

What is the maximum distance the HGV be traveling from, and what measures will be in place to offset the emissions of the HGV?

In regard to air quality statements in the booklet, please define “there will also not be a significant odour impact?”

Please be more specific in respect to Health impact made in the booklet as to “measures will be implemented which will aim to mitigate the potential health impact?

Are house prices in Welshpool expected to be effected in a negative way, should the application be accepted?

Frequently Asked Questions