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Will any air and soil particulate monitoring in the immediate and surrounding areas be undertaken?

The Installation will be required to operate under an Environmental Permit that will be issued by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).  All monitoring requirements will be stipulated within the permit.  There will be both continuous monitoring of emissions to air and periodic monitoring of emissions to air.

All periodic monitoring will be undertaken by an organisation that is suitably United Kingdom Accreditation Service (“UKAS”) accredited and holds the necessary certifications under the EA’s MCERTS Scheme for Manual Stack Sampling.  All sampling personnel will hold the appropriate personal accreditations.

Any samples collected during periodic monitoring that require off-site analysis will be sent to a laboratory that is suitably UKAS accredited for that determinand and sample matrix.

All periodic monitoring will be undertaken to the current requirements of the relevant CEN, or ISO sampling standards and the NRW Technical Guidance Note (Monitoring) M1 Monitoring of stack emissions to air.

All monitoring data will be submitted to NRW and this is published on NRW’s Public Register.

Monitoring of the soils and the underlying groundwater will be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Industrial Emissions Directive.  The locations of the sampling locations will be agreed with NRW, typically locations are north/south/east and west and at varying distances from the Installation.

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