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Are the many errors and omissions from the Archaeology and Heritage chapter a deliberate effort to downplay the unique nature of the local area?

We are aware that in the Chapter 12 of the ES and in the Heritage Statement by Orion Heritage the incorrect planning guidance is stated in a number of places. Where Circular 60/96 is mentioned in 12.2 of the ES and Page 3, 2.0 and 5.1 of the Orion Heritage report this should be replaced by Technical Advice Note (TAN) 24: The Historic Environment (May 2017). This provides the technical detail for the historic environment along with Planning Policy Wales.

Additional checks are in progress to ensure that that the information in this guidance has been properly cited and followed in the cultural heritage chapter of the ES and the Orion Heritage report.

Any amendments will be noted in the final version of both the Chapter and Supporting Statement.

We have also consulted with CADW and rigorously followed their guidance, and also the standards and  protocols of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) of which we are a Registered Organisation (RO) when preparing the Heritage Assessment and Heritage ES Chapter. Therefore, an objective assessment of the local area’s archaeological and heritage potential has been undertaken.

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