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What is the level of pollution we can expect in the area and will there be associated effluvium as a result of this waste?

A detailed air dispersion modelling report has been undertaken.  The full report can be found as technical appendix 6-1 of the Environmental Statement.  However, in summary, an assessment has been carried out to determine the local air quality impacts associated with the emissions from the proposed Buttington ERF from both the Installation and the associated vehicle emissions.  In addition, a qualitative assessment of odour impact has been undertaken.

As a worst-case, emissions from the Installation’s stack have been assumed to be at the maximum emission limit values which represents a conservative assessment of the impact as the actual emissions from the Installation are likely to be significantly lower.

A detailed screening assessment confirmed that the optimum stack height for the Installation would be 70m.

Predicted maximum ground level concentration process contributions are within the short and long term air quality objectives and are assessed as not significant (less than 1% of the air quality standard / environmental assessment level) for most pollutants assessed. For those that are potentially significant, further screening has demonstrated that it is unlikely that any AQSs will be exceeded as a result of emissions from the proposed Installation at the maximum point of GLC or at any of the potentially significant human receptors.

For the sensitive habitat sites, it has again been demonstrated that the impact from the proposed Installation is unlikely to result in a breach of the relevant Critical Loads or Critical Levels or have a detrimental effect on local habitat sites.

An assessment of plume visibility was also undertaken, which concluded that visible plumes would only occur around 30% of the time, and for 95% of the time, any visible plumes would remain within the site boundary.

An assessment was also made of the impact of the proposed plant when operating under the abnormal conditions permitted under Article 46(6) of the Industrial Emissions Directive.  The results of the assessment indicated that it would be unlikely that any AQSs would be exceeded under such abnormal operating conditions.

The impact of road traffic emissions associated with the Installation, in all phases of the development can also be classed as not significant.

The odour assessment also confirmed that the Installation will have a negligible effect on the nearest sensitive receptors.

In summary, therefore, it can be concluded that the proposed Buttington ERF will not have a significant impact on local air quality, human health or sensitive habitat sites, nor give rise to any significant odour impacts.

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