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Why should we have an ERF?

Why should we have an ERF?
It is important that we do everything we can to prevent waste and to recycle as much as possible of the waste which is created. The residual waste that is left after recycling should be used to recover energy.  This is the waste hierarchy that is part of the Welsh Government’s strategy, Towards Zero Waste. i.e.: 
  • Waste prevention; 
  • Preparing for re-use; 
  • Recycling; 
  • Other recovery, e.g. energy recovery; and 
  • Reducing waste to landfill. 
The ERF will use waste as a fuel to generate low carbon heat and power (electricity) helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting other CO2 generating sources.
The ERF will contribute towards the Welsh Government’s overarching Waste Strategy ‘Towards Zero Waste’. The ERF will act as the anchor development for an eco-business park, as part of the wider development proposed at the site by the quarry owners.
The ERF will generate around 13MW of power (gross) of which 11.5MWe will be exported to the national grid and/or local businesses. The intention is to support the management of waste fulfilling the aspirations of both the Welsh Government and PCC.  
Broad Energy (Wales) Ltd will create a biodiversity area around the geological site of special scientific interest (SSSI), which is located within the quarry. 

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