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Planning Application

The planning application, once finalised, will be submitted to Powys County Council for their consideration, in early 2017.  The application will be supported by a range of documents including an Environmental Statement, which will fully report the findings of the EIA. 

Feedback from our public consultation programme will help inform the final design. A statutory 28 day pre-application consultation will take place before the application is submitted. This will be advertised online, in the local press, on social media and signposts at the site.   

Once the planning application is submitted there will be a period for consideration and consultation by the local planning authority.  A number of statutory organisations will be asked for their views, such as Natural Resources Wales (NRW), and interested local stakeholders.  The planning application will be determined by Powys County Council.

We will update this section when a timetable for submission and determination has been agreed. 

The Planning and Permitting Process