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Environmental Permit

The ERF will require an environmental permit from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) (formerly Environment Agency Wales).  The permit ensures that the site is operated in a way that meets the environmental criteria required by NRW and set in legislation. Its primary focus is that operations on the site do not cause any emissions that exceed the safe levels determined by NRW.

NRW will make an in depth assessment of the application documents, to satisfy themselves that the site will operate in accordance with the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 (as amended).

NRW will consult with any other public bodies that they deem to have an interest in the application. These might include the Local Planning Authorities and the Health Protection Agency.  They will also advertise the application stating where it can be viewed and inviting comments from the general public.

Only once they are satisfied that the facility will have appropriate measures in place to protect the environment and that it will be run by a competent operator will NRW issue a permit with a number of conditions relating to the proper operation of the site. 


The Planning and Permitting Process