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Will the ERF affect the environment?

A wide range of environmental studies are being undertaken including:

  • landscape
  • traffic and highways
  • air quality
  • noise
  • ecology
  • water environment
  • archaeology
  • cultural heritage
  • Social and economic

An Environmental Statement will be submitted with the planning application to Powys County Council.  It will address the effects of the proposed development on the environment, and will propose mitigation measures where appropriate.

The ERF is being designed to minimise emissions as far as possible.

A detailed air quality assessment is being undertaken which will recommend measures for reducing any air quality impacts i.e. stack location/ chimney height.

The Environmental Permitting process will address the site’s safety. National Resources Wales will only issue a permit once they are certain the facility will have measures in place to protect the environment and that it will be managed by a competent operator.

The plant will be fitted with continuous emission monitoring systems in operation at all times. These units measure the emissions coming from the stack, which have to be monitored as part of the plant’s Environmental Permit. If emissions go above a certain level the plant will automatically shut down.