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Is an ERF just another name for an incinerator?

A modern ERF is a power plant using a thermal treatment process to generate electricity and heat. Direct combustion remains the most widely used thermal treatment process and uses sophisticated combustion control mechanisms to achieve a clean burn and convert waste into heat and power. Incineration on the other hand does not involve any energy recovery and is just another means of disposing of waste.

Emissions emanating from ERFs have also been assessed by the UK Health Protection Agency, which has found little effect on health. A Health Protection Agency report stated that 'modern, well-managed incinerators make only a small contribution to local concentrations of air pollutants' and that any potential health impacts, if they exist, are likely to be very small and not detectable. We take our commitment to the local community very seriously, which is why the ERF will be constantly monitored for emissions. If these emissions go over the new legal limits the facility will automatically stop production.